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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is MHR pushing Switch's hardware limits ?

JRPGfan said:
Amnesia said:

I have almost never played any MH. So maybe this gives me some neutral objectivity.

The new Rise game looks to me awesome graphically, maybe the most advanced game that have seen for the Switch.

I needed to compare with World to remember that this was only a Switch and that we were still way under the level of the PS4.

Before I put both next to each other to compare, I had this instinctive short reaction in mind : "what ?! Is this as beautiful as the one on PS4 or almost?"

By looking more closely, we can see all the tricks that they have used to save the energy of the little Switch. I would say that they have put all the finesse on the monsters, and in comparison the landscape and the other characters are all in an inferior level of detail than the monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise (switch):

Monster Hunter World (PS4):

Monster Hunter Worlds looks alot better imo, world/enviroment much more detailed.

Is that PS4 PRO/PC? Or base PS4? Anyway to confirm?

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