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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Last Guardian spiritual successor teased for 2021

Roma said:

let's not assume that just because their last game took so log to release that this will be the same. We don't want another cyberpunk now do we?

OK, but even by typical industry norm, it doesn't seem a stretch to release 2+ years after announcement/preview, + this more hint than preview.

ARamdomGamer said:
hinch said:

But but I thought SIE Japan Studio was going bust. Sony abandoning Japan etc etc

Well that is irrelevant because genDesign is an independent studio, in fact I'm almost sure this will be published by Epic Games given that they announced that their next project would be published by them a while ago.

But where's the drama in that? Anyways, people aren't talking about Sony/Epic tie up enough, what's up with that?

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Very curious about this one...

This makes me wanna try The Last Guardian. Besides, it’s free through the PS Plus Collection. I really liked (the remade version of) Shadow of the Colossus, so I’m really excited to see what they’re cooking behind the scenes. As for when the game will come out, I think it won’t be too far away from now. They’re not under Sony anymore and Epic might need some compelling permanent exclusive (aka not on Steam) games for, say, 2022/2023.