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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you a hardcore Sega fan is/was no longer?

Isn't bayonetta platinum and not sega, from a development perspective?  Meaning sega hasn't made a great game in a very long time.  

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 I buy more Sega games these days than I did before. Because I didn't own any Sega consoles. But I was a fan of many of the Sonic games.

These days I like their Yakuza and SMT/Persona games. (If Atlus counts.)

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Sega just has so many dormant or almost dormant IP's, and the IP's that aren't dormant are often questionable in quality (e.g. Sonic).

Where is Virtua Fighter, Shining Force, Panzer Dragoon (besides that remake), Phantasy Star (that isn't online), Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, Shinobi...I just feel there are a lot of missed opportunities for the IP's that they own. Heck a NiGHTS game would have been perfect on the 3DS. They did just license Alex Kidd and Streets of Rage IP's out, which is good. Hopefully we see a bit more of that.

I love classic Sega, when they still made their own consoles. Once they went software only they sadly lost their mojo.

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I never was but they have a couple of names I like, virtua fighter, sonic, valkyrie profile and Yakuza
I used to like their RPGs (shining force, skies of Arcadia)

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When they're good, they're awesome. Valkyria Chronicles was my favorite 7th gen game, and I bought the deluxe edition of VC4 for the Switch on launch day. Yakuza is also good. I'd like to see Sega explore more Japanese SRPGs, especially after how well Nintendo did with Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

But their marketing is completely clueless - not only do they not market well, they have a bad habit of sending games out to die against major blockbusters and have done so for over a decade. And they have too many dormant franchises. Where is Virtua Fighter 6?

I like SEGA and they still are among my favorite publishers even these days, but can't really say that I'm a super hardcore SEGA fan.


I liked Sega a lot 25-30 years ago. The only game I've cared about in years though was Sonic Mania, which is really only published by them, developed by others.

Alby_da_Wolf said:

The only gaming company I ever was a harcore fan was Mattel with Intellivision. Anyhow in the 80's I was a great fan of at least two great Sega arcade games, Pengo and Zaxxon (of which I also bought a clone for Intellivision, as I couldn't find the original in the stores where I usually bought cartridges), and I liked a lot many other Sega games, although I both loved and hated that Out Run money eater, its timer was way too short . And while Zaxxon aged worse, I still consider Pengo one of the greatest videogames ever.

Great game, and one I completely forgot about. A specific Safeway had a cabinet. Haven't played it in about 35 years. Can't seem to find it on PSN.

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I was a secondary Sega fan. Sonic 2/3 were guilty pleasures to play at friends houses with myself having a SNES. Only Saturn game I played was Sonic 3D Blast and that was on PC. Played Sonic CD and Sonic Generations recently on Xbox.

But god damn did I respect them during the Dreamcast era. Short lived but made some gems like Skies of Arcadia and Sonic Adventure 2, which I enjoyed immensely on the GameCube. Powerstone was a arcade favourite. I had a lot of respect for their work on FZero GX, still my favourite sci-fi racer to this day.

Nowadays their IP just don’t interest me, but I know they have a audience and serve different niches. They still have value and potential.

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