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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you a hardcore Sega fan is/was no longer?

What made you stop buying 90 percent or more Sega type games? you tried all franchises ? What are you into? do you like Puyo Puyo? Outrun ? Panzer dragoon orta? Thunderforce? Sakura wars? Condemend the conduit series Anarchy reign binary domain , vanquish? etc etc? Are you still down with Sega like me?

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

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I don't feel like I abandoned Sega as much as Sega abandoned me. I can't recall when they last made a great game. And they gave up on their best franchise decades ago (Shining Force).

Chrkeller said:

I don't feel like I abandoned Sega as much as Sega abandoned me. I can't recall when they last made a great game.
And they gave up on their best franchise decades ago (Shining Force).

Honestly appart from stuff like Yakuza, Puyo Puyo,.... and them owning Atlus (which makes fantastic games).... sega isnt much.

Yes it sucks they gave up on Shining Force.

Shining Resonance: Refrain (2014), was the last game in the series, but it hardly resembles the series of old.
Its more action/hack n slash'y (and not in a "stand out, good way" type of way).

dx11332sega said:

Are you still down with Sega like me?

If not for Yakuza, and Atlus, I'd give 0 f***s about Sega.
Atlus is what carries most of the weight of the 2.
If atlus was sold off to someone else, I wouldn't care weather sega was still around or not.

This might be the lowest point I've been at with Sega. I only bought one new Sega product in 2020, which was the physical Yakuza Remaster on PS4. Even Yakuza, a former favorite, is dead to me now. Paywalled new game+ and difficulty selection? Get. The Fuck. Outta here...I still have hope, but 2021 looks like a Sonic year, and I'm not now, nor ever have been, a Sonic fan. I give Sega credit for propping up his corpse through decades of irrelevance, and being able to cash in on nostalgia with a movie in 2020. Something I would have bet heavily against some years ago.

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The only gaming company I ever was a harcore fan was Mattel with Intellivision. Anyhow in the 80's I was a great fan of at least two great Sega arcade games, Pengo and Zaxxon (of which I also bought a clone for Intellivision, as I couldn't find the original in the stores where I usually bought cartridges), and I liked a lot many other Sega games, although I both loved and hated that Out Run money eater, its timer was way too short . And while Zaxxon aged worse, I still consider Pengo one of the greatest videogames ever.

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I would never buy any games that are not made by Sega.

The DC is my favorite console ever, Sega used to be my jam. Honestly can’t remember the last time I bought and enjoyed one of their games. I’m sure I’m forgetting something obvious.

Mostly I have just changed. I used to be into the Shenmues and Skies of Arcadia’s and Seaman’s of the world but now I focus on different genres. Tried Yakuza once, played maybe an hour, seemed like ten minutes of that hour was gameplay. Pass.

I used to be a big Sonic fan. That was the franchise that made me like Sega. I think it was 2012 or so where I stopped being a "fan". I'm still a fan of Sonic to this day, but not nearly as big back then. Nowadays I don't really care for their games. They may have a game here and there I may play and like, but now I'm indifferent about the company. The big thing that is leading me back to Sega is Atlus. If Sega lost to Nintendo in the bid (which I still can't wrap my head around) then the situation I have for them along with their financial situation would be far worse.

I personally don't care much for their biggest IP right now (Yakuza), but I do enjoy the smaller games they put out such as, PuyoPuyo Tetris, Sonic Mania, and more. Sega for some reason hates their older IP, like they just flat out ignore the IP that people keep asking for them to bring back. Jet Set Radio, Nights, Sonic (we all know they don't care for him anymore), Shining Force, Phantasy Star (I know they have Online 2, but I want single player), Crazy Taxi, and more. Right now it seems like their priority is Phantasy Star Online 2, Yakuza, and Atlus. I do not know why Indie developers had to come in to revive Shenmue, Streets of Rage, and Panzer Dragoon. I also do not know why Sega does not get on Atlus' ass to make their games multiplat. Atlus games going multiplat is literally the easiest way to gain more revenue.

They really need a Capcom miracle right now. For those that don't know in the early 2010s Capcom only had $150 mil (USD) in the bank. They were in a financial situation that looked dire, which is why Street Fighter V had to get financial help from Sony in exchange to keep it off the Nintendo and Xbox. But we know where they are now. Their games are great and are selling extremely well. They brought Resident Evil back to it's roots, Monster Hunter broke through the last gate in the West, Devil May Cry returned in all it's glory, MegaMan of all IPs finally got a new game, and now Ghost and Goblins is coming back.

Capcom is one example, but that is the best example of what they need to do to gain interest not only from me, but other fans.

I started to like SEGA when they suddenly made really cool games and also port them everywhere. Yakuza, Bayonetta, Valkyria Chronicles, Sonic Racing, Resonance of Fate. The fact that they ported ALL of the Yakuza games to PC already makes them the coolest Publisher today.

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I really like and still like a lot of their arcades if that's worth something.

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