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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bravely Default II ‘Final Demo’ now available


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Good. Gonna try it now. Hopefully, it’s better written than the first.

Just dabbled in it. Cute game, looks great but is visibly stressing the Switch hardware with some low res and stuttery frame rate. Makes me really crave a traditional PS1 style FF. This doesn't quite fill the boots based off the visible short cuts in combat animaions and overall ambition

I'm downloading it, hope it's better than the first demo

I'm probably going to wait for the reviews on this one.  I'm really digging the artstyle, and the first game was fun for the first half, but it felt artificially long.  I'm hoping the improved the gameplay on this one as well as the visuals.

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Still underwhelming for me

I literally fall asleep while playing

So far no reason for me to get this game

I wouldn’t be surprised if the demo turned out to be 16 hours long, but only because it looped the story about 7 times. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the battle system is so advanced that you have to select which hand you’ll attack with, how hard you grip the sword, what part of the sword you will be gripping, and you’ll do this 4 times for each character on every single turn - because that level of depth is better and exceedingly fun... And if you fall asleep, it’s only because your brain literally couldn’t handle the blistering excitement and overloaded.

I’m just messing around. I wasn’t a big fan of the first game. It was 4-6 hour game fluffed up into a 40-60 hour game with a bloated battle system, bloated dungeon crawling, and a bloated story. Pretty art style, though.

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