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Forums - Gaming Discussion - CD Projekt Red Apologizes For Hiding Base Console Performance- Offers Refunds


Will you be asking for a refund?

Yes 14 35.00%
No 26 65.00%
VersusEvil said:

100+hrs in, haven't put it down since launch. Yeah it sucks for base system owners but the game runs pretty much fine on my system (Xbox Series S) and I've had zero quest breaking/game breaking bugs outside of phone calls sometimes taken forever to trigger. Outside of missing some basic open would stuff (ability to change character appearance after character creation), some terrible AI and some significant poor balancing that's required me to turn it up to very hard the game is one of the best I've played this year.

I have a feeling this is the experience for most players, which would explain why the game is selling so much. Since the beginning it seems it is running fine on next gen consoles, especially if you start playing now after a few patches. Of course that does not justify all the lies and performance related to base consoles.