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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Game Awards Thread (2020)


What cringe are you excited about?

Confusing game trailers 4 15.38%
A game you like winning t... 1 3.85%
Josef Fares going insane once again 4 15.38%
Geoff Keighley looking uncomfortable 9 34.62%
Hydrobot’s Revenge 1 3.85%
Awkward backstage attendee interviews 0 0%
Cliff Bleszinski insulting PC gamers 0 0%
Hideo Kojima barred entry once again 1 3.85%
Watching someone use a VR and actin’ a fool 0 0%
The unknown cringe 6 23.08%
Dulfite said:
shikamaru317 said:

If that was the case, CoD would have won people’s choice this year, but it didn’t, Tsushima won. Just because CoD games sell well doesn’t mean that most of the gaming population thinks CoD is Game of the Year.

I find myself in the middle here. I do think we can't base it off sales, as the hordes of youths playing mind numbing games would skew it. I find critics just as problematic in the other direction when they tend to favor "artistic" games as opposed to ones that really made an impact on the market.

It's like all those small movie festivals, hardly any of those winners make a splash or are noticed by the people yet they win their little awards. What I'd like is the middle ground. Have it based on a gamer poll (not critic), but they have to be at least in their mid 20's to vote and have to have played multiple systems/platforms over their life so far.

I won't go in full text here, verter already done a fantastic job on it and is very well crafted.

I'll just say that at least until now (even if we may disagree with how many categories there are and who won some of those) if we look at the main prizes for several years on the TGA they haven't been obscure titles like those small festivals that go for artsy movies that only critics care. And I'll add one thing on the Verter point, these prizes may not even increase the sales or viewership of those movies but can very well be credentials that will ensure better financing for the next movie or improvement on the career of people on the production/acting, so there is value to having all type of events. Some that will only recognize by sales, other by popular vote, other by professionals in the industry and sure some with only critics.

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