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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - BOLD PREDICTION: NSW Will break Record this Quarter for Highest Shipment Ever! (14mil+)


NSW Will Ship

Under 10mil 5 9.43%
10mil 0 0%
11mil 6 11.32%
12mil 19 35.85%
13mil 14 26.42%
14mil+ 9 16.98%
tbone51 said:

11.5mil+ I was wayyy off, way too bold I’m sad :(

Guess no new huge game from Nintendo still made a difference acterall

Not bold enough millions of people plus a few animals hang off your every word when it involves bold predictions, so with a low boldness rating they thought it was a fait accompli so they didn't try to con, I mean convince Nintendo into making more switches, instead they bought gamestop.

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot

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noshten said:
noshten said:

Lets aim for the stars. I think they might over ship because there is a lot of momentum heading into 2021. 

  • Japan >2M 
  • North America >6M
  • Europe >4.5M
  • Other >2.25M

TOTAL: >14.75M

  • Japan >2.57M (+570K)
  • North America >4.89M (-1.11M)
  • Europe >3.43M (-1.07M)
  • Other >1.98M (-270K)

Its going to happen in 2021, peak year :D

They didn't actually overship, everything they shipped was sold but I guess the 30 million+ production is maybe going to come into play in 2021. 

Even though it didn't reach the lofty heights not seen by another platform this was a historic quarter for Nintendo without a huge fall title... momentum from New Horizon, Ring Fit and other evergreens really carried it to new heights this holiday but 2021 will be the peak due to software line-up. 

We are already seeing signs that this will be the peak year in Japan, as both hardware and software are way up YoY and Bowser's Fury, Monster Hunter and bunch of other games haven't even launched yet. 

I definitely think 2021 has potential to be peak year.  Momentum is strong and I do think software lineup will be much better in 2021 compared to 2020.  At this point I am mostly wondering when market saturation is going to start pulling down annual sales.  It usually starts happening when a system gets to around 1/2 way to its lifetime sales or maybe a little later.  I can see a scenario where 2021 is peak year, but I am probably leaning more toward Switch being down slightly.