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Forums - Movies & TV - Best Mad Max film?


I think the best is...

Mad Max 4 9.76%
Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior 11 26.83%
Beyond Thunderdome 3 7.32%
Fury Road 23 56.10%

Which of the dystopian road warrior's movies do you think is the best, and why?

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Fury Road
The Road Warrior
Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max
That LA episode of Futurama

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The Road Warrior...It's obvious why....

Mel Gibson in his prime.

That Tina Turner song was the shit! I wasn’t a big fan of the movies but I’ll vote Thunderdome just for the song.

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Fury Road? Seriously?

Here's the complete story:
Woman drives truck from left screen edge to right screen edge.
Then turns truck (because there is nothing there?) around and drives back from right screen edge to left screen edge.
All along this non-story, we get to rewatch each and every stunt we have aleady seen in the previous series movies, with more fire and exploding cars.

Complete waste of time.

I've rewatched all 4 with my kids not so long ago.

1st one didn't age as well as I remember it.
Road Warrior was great as ever.
Thunderdome surprised me, I don't remember it being actually quite good, having (IMO) best grey characters narrative of all 4.
Fury Road was even bigger waste of time than the first time I've watched it.

So, for me, Road Warrior, though Thunderdome is, due to greyishness of their characters, close second.

The one without the crazy guy.

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1) Fury Road
Miller's magnum opus. A brilliant paced and staged action masterpiece with some of the most audacious and delirious stunts committed to film. Plus a powerful redemption story with subtext to spare

2) The Road Warrior
Straightforward but exhilarating nonetheless. A metal-crunching, bone-shattering fetishistic tour-de-force

3) Mad Max
More subtle and subdued than following films, but its low-budget, grimy atmosphere and steely hero work perfectly with a world on the edge of chaos. Probably the most underrated of the lot.

4) Beyond Thunderdome
This one has great sets, costumes, camera work, and plenty of deranged performances, but its storyline wavers a bit, particularly when Miller's version of the Lost Boys take center stage

I've had this conversation with @Machina so he should chime in too :)