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heavenmercenary01 said:

Dont even try getting your hopes high. Keep them o the floor, even below if possible. We're talking about Konami, they make one game in six years and it's on PlayStation. So expecting something from a lazy company that does nothing more than milk the efootball( winning eleven) franchise for years , is pretty delusional.
Expecting some recognition from Konami to Nintendo fanbase is complicated. Those high profits made on a "lower" budget game (compared to mgs) will probably go for the development of the future AAA project on ps5.
For the Switch, i cant expect more than a second momotaro game with a stereotypical thought of : " it's a family and kid friendly game, that's what you love playing Nintendo fellas so take that and stfu". That kind of treatment from a company that didnt manage to bring efootball on switch or even take it into consideration when being developed, so yeah it will be a bit complicated
Before things start to change (or not), Nintendo will suffer for many years from this bias and japanese third parties being totally sony's bitches.
Square Enix with it's policy of bringing its major games on Sony systèmes only and throwing mid tier to low tier ones to Nintendo. Samething with the others. Though Capcom starting to act more decently and logically being pragmatical and wiser regarding thé market.
So yeah, expecting something from the laziest third party in japan is really impossible.

This is why square and sega go down. Capcom maybe the wiser of the bunch. The mid company, likewise Marvelous, goes good because support the leader.