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Forums - Sales Discussion - Has Any Game Sold to 30 Million Units as Quickly as Animal Crossing Will?

Jumpin said:

Looks like Animal Crossing is going to come up short unless it pulls off something crazy and sells another 2.7+ million by the end of March. But given no other game is in the stratosphere year 1 sales besides these two, it's probably going to be #1 for a long time with no other potential challengers outside the GTA franchise... Assuming GTA 6 launches in 2023 or later, or shocks and awes everyone and lands a copy on the Switch.

I don't think >2.7M is impossible, but definitely on the high end.

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Impressive for New Horizons that it is even coming close to GTA V's first year sales. Even if it doesn't surpass GTA, it will at least be close. Of course, GTA V had a significantly larger install base when it first launched. Even now, the Switch install base is less than both the PS3 & 360 separately (will change later this year), so you could find ACNH's sales more impressive. Has GTA V sold 31 m on a single platform up to this point?