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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware Nov 1 to 7 - Week Before Xbox Series X and S, and PS5 Launch

Did PS4 and Xbox One sales drop noticeably in the Switch's first week of launch? Cause I'm wondering whether the same affect will happen to the Switch with the Xbox SX and PS5.

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PS4 will hit 114 million as PS5 launches.I wonder can it outsell the Xbox One worldwide, in Europe?


*Glances over sales* *Subconsciously sees 570k* *Scrolls down*


Wait a minute.

*Scrolls back up*


Did Sony really ship 12 million PS5's for launch window? That's a rumor I saw but holy cow if that's real .. Awesome last gen chart VGChartz! 9th gen is finally here!!!

Damn Switch 

Covid second wave really doing wonders for it

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As there is no NPD October 2020 thread, posting here, as results are tomorrow at 9:00 AM ET.

VGC Tracking (vs. NPD 2019)

PS4 135,428 (-6.0%)

XBO 77,334 (-28.4%)

NSW 554,652 (+79.5%)

NPD 2019

PS4 144,000

XBO 108,000

NSW 309,000

Wow! Monstrous Nintendo Switch Sales!

The front page doesn't seem to have updated and still shows the numbers for the week ending 31st October?

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

If Nintendo is able to produce enough shipments, I don't see why the Switch can't sell >2M units in one week. Either Black Friday or Christmas, maybe both.

The fact Switch is evenly dominating in all 3 regions is amazing to see! Something we didnt see on PS4 and XB1. And probably for PS5 and XSX too.

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