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mk7sx said:

As there is no NPD October 2020 thread, posting here, as results are tomorrow at 9:00 AM ET.

VGC Tracking (vs. NPD 2019)

PS4 135,428 (-6.0%)

XBO 77,334 (-28.4%)

NSW 554,652 (+79.5%)

NPD 2019

PS4 144,000

XBO 108,000

NSW 309,000

And Boom!  Switch was severely under-tracked in the US for 4 weeks of October 2020 (and likely this first November week that just posted). 

NPD tracked 735,926 units sold exactly.

Nintendo/NPD - US OCT 2020 - NSW Sells 736K

mk7sx said:

Top Years

NSW 2020 has already passed NSW 2019 with 7-8 weeks to go.

Adjusted below.  NSW takes the lead!

Last edited by mk7sx - on 12 November 2020