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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sackboy: A Big Adventure Review Thread - Metacritic 75

twintail said:

Seems the new title is off to a good start.

I think it would be wise for Sony to look at Sackboy as their co-op platformer (all the mainline titles are 4 players) and to have Astro be more a SP experience.

Not a bad Idea. I would say that the biggest Gap in Sony lineup for several gens have been couch co-op. Sure some platformers were made but that seems something Sony doesn't remember tô much.

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SvennoJ said:

Did they fix the floatiness?

I dunno, I like plat formers, yet after playing so many mediocre user levels in that art style, I can't get excited for this. It's one of those launch games I would have picked up at launch, yet now I probably never will.

Another question, can you use DS4 on PS5 or do you need to buy an extra 3 Dual Sense controllers to all play together? Those things are expensive here.

YUP! Not far in but so far, very sartisfying platforming. 

Getting it soon. Looks fun.