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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forecast: Xbox Gamepass will be released for PlayStation & Switch, 2021

"Bring to all systems" means "bring to all relevant systems". 100M PS4s sound like a lot, but it's nothing compared to mobile devices, PCs and Smart TVs, that's where they will focus next.

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I hope not, I don't like game rental

jardesonbarbosa said:
"Bring to all systems" means "bring to all relevant systems". 100M PS4s sound like a lot, but it's nothing compared to mobile devices, PCs and Smart TVs, that's where they will focus next.

If people on mobile devices and Smart TVs don't buy games it wouldn't be that big of a market as some suppose.

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shikamaru317 said:

No chance on Sony, MS sees them as competition, plus Sony has blocked competing subscription services like EA Access on PS in the past, as well as being very resistant to crossplay with Xbox at first, until public opinion shifted against them and they were forced to allow crossplay, so there is clearly alot of animosity towards MS from Sony still. Maybe Nintendo Switch, but even that is somewhat doubtful, Phil was asked about future Nintendo support from MS recently and sounded like he is no longer as open to it as he once was. I'm guessing he is unhappy about how Nintendo refused to port any of their games to the Xbox ecosystem after he was nice enough to port several Xbox exclusives to Switch, he was probably hoping for a 2 way street and didn't get one.

Yup. Current day Sony does not want cross play and do not want services that compete with their own on PSN. Look how long it took them to open up to EA Access. GamePass is much more threatening to them. MS would really have to offer them a sweetheart deal for Sony to accept. 

Maybe they tie something into their Azure deal.

shikamaru317 said:

Both MS and PS leadership changed between those years. The PS of 2006 or 2013 is not the same PS who was initially trying to block crossplay with Xbox in 2018, by 2018 Playstation headquarters had moved from Tokyo to California, with the old head ousted. Likewise, Peter Moore was head of Xbox in 2006, Don Mattrick in 2013, and Phil Spencer in 2018 when MS was making the big push for crossplay that was ultimately successful. 

But that is not even important to my point, my point was that Sony was still showing alot of animosity towards Xbox just 2 years ago, making fun of Xbox's security and basically saying they wouldn't allow crossplay with Xbox because they needed to protect the children on PS. I doubt that just 3 years later, Sony would allow Gamepass on PS, especially since they've blocked other streaming services that would compete against PS Now in the past, such as EA Access. And that is if MS even wants Gamepass on PS, which I find somewhat doubtful. 

You can call it animosity all you want, it has nothing to do with that, nor with protecting the children. Stop listening to PR babble.

It's all about the money.

Nintendo makes money on hardware and software. They sell their hardware by having exclusive software for that hardware. It makes no sense for Nintendo to port Mario and Zelda to other systems. It does make sense for Nintendo to allow cross play, which just makes it easier for people to go for a Switch and still play with their friends.

Sony makes most of their money on software, their own and from platform royalties. Cross play is less relevant to them since the royalties go to the platform holder where the software was bought. Sony rather has you convince your friends to get a playstation as well to play together. As long as they're the market leader, cross play is not all that advantageous, however for the right price (which I'm sure came later) it was enabled.
Gamepass however, no royalties from games that get played, less incentive to buy games, pretty much worthless to Sony. Unless MS shares a good chunk of their gamepass revenues with Sony. Everything has a price. MS probably doesn't want to part with a 30% royalty for every user that uses game pass on a Sony device and Sony has PS Now anyway.

MS sure would like game pass on everything. They don't have to subsidize the hardware while enjoying the subscription revenues. Cross-play the same, sure come into the XBox eco-system, you can still play with your friends.

It's business, not friends and enemies.

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I do not believe this. He said he wants it on every "device", not "systems or platforms".

Mobile devices is what is going to get the next big pushwith xCloud. 110 million PS4 sounds like a lot, but in the grand scheme of gaming it is eclipsed by mobile gaming by quite a bit. Every console generation, all the consoles combined always plateau at around 200 to 250 million or so, while billions of people have mobile phones. Fans of consoles forget it quite often cause we kinda live in our console world bubble, but the biggest gaming company by revenue in the world is Tencent, not Sony, not Nintendo or Microsoft. Microsoft already has the console corner covered with the Xbox, now they're looking to expand into mobile and smart TVs.

The fact that Phil Spencer just recently said that he doesn't see releasing their games on Nintendo Switch a sustainable thing to do long-term is clear to me, and I can only imagine Game Pass is even less.

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Ryotsu said:
I hope not, I don't like game rental

I think their focus is people who will pay a subscription fee for content.

I don't think their focus is Ryotsu.

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Nope. Not happening. Control cloud is on switch and Hitman 3 cloud will be coming to switch.

Nintendo clearly has no problem with cloud gaming. They do however have a problem with having another store front to take away sales from their eco system.Gamepass on switch? Never going to happen in a million years. Microsoft exclusives via cloud? Yes.

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