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Forums - Sony Discussion - On the Subject of PS5 Backwards Compatibility

Some are way to focused on the word, "backwards compatibility" instead of the outcome. Does it really matter if it's called BC? Gamers get to play older gen games they own already bought. That is what's important. Calling it BC is just easier even if it's technically not.

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The compatibility percentage is still within the high 90s it seems. Including digital-only games (which are a significant majority), there have been over 4000 PS4 releases.

There are at least a few on here that I have that won't roll over to the PS5. I'm not getting a PS5 soon anyway, and I was planning on holding onto my PS4 Pro in the long run.

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This whole "Backwards compatibility" discussion that's going on:
If you own an earlier Xbox console, can you play the games you already own?
If you own an earlier PlayStation console, can you play the games you already own?
If you've never owned an Xbox, does it matter?
If you've never owned a PlayStation, what difference does it make?
Do any of the games that aren't compatible interest you?

That's all you need to consider. Aside from that, backwards compatibility is just access to some cheaper, older games.

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