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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who do you want Microsoft to buy out next?


Who do you want MS to buy out next?

Sega 10 25.64%
Capcom 3 7.69%
Konomi 1 2.56%
Square-Enix 1 2.56%
EA 4 10.26%
Blizzard 2 5.13%
WB 2 5.13%
Level 5 0 0%
Ubisoft 2 5.13%
Other 14 35.90%

Iron Galaxy to secure killer instinct
playtonic for banjo colab with rare
asobo for flight simulator

I game on all consoles and PC

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I would prefer they buy nobody. I don't see it really helping the industry, unless it's a company that's going to go under otherwise.

Nobody at all, but I especially want them to keep their hands off of Japanese developers, since that would be a death sentence for whatever Japanese developer they bought and would be nothing more than denial of content to the demographic who actually buys those games. . We do not need Microsoft gobbling up the entire industry.

Jumpinbeans said:

Tencent's gaming business :)
(although that would stir up a tonne of $hit)

Here are their holdings.....

Even Microsoft couldn't afford to buy Tencent. Tencent is estimated to be worth worth $700 billion. Yes, that's billion.

ARamdomGamer said:
Cap for 69 billion

Don't fucking even. My god. 

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