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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who do you want Microsoft to buy out next?


Who do you want MS to buy out next?

Sega 10 25.64%
Capcom 3 7.69%
Konomi 1 2.56%
Square-Enix 1 2.56%
EA 4 10.26%
Blizzard 2 5.13%
WB 2 5.13%
Level 5 0 0%
Ubisoft 2 5.13%
Other 14 35.90%


No one

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It would be nice for BioWare to be managed by somebody other than EA... don’t really think they should buy EA though... but if they could pry BioWare away... or really if just about anybody could pry BioWare away... I’d be all for it!

Tencent's gaming business :)
(although that would stir up a tonne of $hit)

Here are their holdings.....

Cap for 69 billion

kirby007 said:
well seeing as phil was just talking about WoW i hope Blizzard

Where was that from? But I think Activision has done soooooo much damage to Blizzard as a whole these past 10 years that it would take almost an equal amount of time to restore Blizzard to their former glory. It's sad that so many Blizzard vets have gone on to make new companies with a lot of that Blizzard talent. Still looking forward to those new company's games, but Blizzard though, might be on a course of no return that even Microsoft can pull them back from.

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From that list I would say Squeenix would go the furthest in rounding out their studios, but really I don't want MS to purchase any more publishers.

I think Sega would be the best one for Microsoft. Be able to finally get a hold into the Japanese market. Plus, Sega and Microsoft have a pretty strong relationship in the past. The original duke controller on the og xbox was based on the dreamcast controller and Sega brought many of their franchises exclusively to the xbox after discontinuing the dreamcast. I remember playing panzer dragoon orta and jet set radio future on xbox. Be great to have those franchises again on xbox.

Jumpinbeans said:

Tencent's gaming business :)
(although that would stir up a tonne of $hit)

Here are their holdings.....

I mean I think the idea is it be a somewhat reasonable acquisition target.

Tencents market cap was $664.5 billion in July 2020.

They're building a 21 million square foot city the size of Monaco in Shenzhen- they're in the process of buying Leyou for $1.4 billion and are investing $70 billion in digital infrastructure in Beijing. 

Not only would they not sell, MS can't afford them.


SEGA WILL NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE MS is not getting a games company!

Sammy and SEGA are merged. You cannot separate the two. SEGA games is only one part. Sammy operated HOTELS around the world. They are a toy company and a Pachincho company they manufactures the machiens and runs arcades. MS has ZERO interest in operating all this. This would be the only way for MS to buy SEGA. There is literally ZERO chance of them buying SEGA as SEGA is part of Sammy. it would take years to seperate the business operations of SEGA from Sammy. SEGA is not a division under Sammy, SEGA IS Sammy and Sammy is SEGA.

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Steam. Then immediately start charging PC users a monthly fee. This will go well I promise.

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