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Forums - General Discussion - I'm the only one who misses Futurama

I finished the 4 films and the 7 seasons, I saw it all but I will love a season 8 so much

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I very much so miss both Futurama and King of the Hill, they were the 2 best adult animated comedies, and yet they both ended with fewer seasons than many other adult animated comedies have gotten. Both Futurama and King of the Hill were averaging over 6m viewers when Fox cancelled them, more viewers than The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Bob's Burgers currently have, Fox will forever have my hate for cancelling them (and Firefly). Futurama did fall to below 2m viewers after it's Comedy Central revival, but 1m+ really isn't that bad for a pay tv station like Comedy Central, I think they made a mistake cancelling it. 

Thankfully there has been some talk of plans for a King of the Hill revival. However, I haven't heard anything about a 2nd Futurama revival, which really sucks. 

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okr said:
Rewatching some favorite episodes currently and occasionally on Amazon Prime (recently "Amazon women in the mood").
I don‘t want Futurama back as they went out of ideas in the end imo.

I like The Simpons overall a bit more though (the first 10 to 15 seasons) and Archer as well.

Those three are my most favorite animation shows, Archer is my new number one.

You should check out Bojack Horseman 

I watched 2 episodes of Bojack a few years ago, didn‘t really like it. I will give it another try.

BTW, Disenchantment is not as good as Simpsons or Futurama, but it’s not half bad.

By the end of its second run the show was running out of steam. There are still some really brilliant episodes in the second run, but also a lot that were just not very good. I think the show ended at a good time.

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Better than the Simpsons. Loved it but they ended it really well and rather a show have an ending when it's still good than turn into a corp sellout show for 35 years.

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d21lewis said:
vivster said:
Maybe you should watch it then? I don't miss it because I regularly watch it.

Same. Recently bought entire series including the movies on Google Play.

Buying movies on Google Play ? Is that still a thing (or even was a thing at some point) ?

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I've never watched Futurama, but I do miss House.

Perhaps I should watch it. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel on Netflix, currently watching some Russian virus outbreak show. It's interesting you get shows from all over the world but they simply end up doing the same thing in a different language...

Ehh it's not on Netflix, it suggests Final Space instead, is that any good?

No, loved the show immensely. So creative, and FUNNY.

My favorite ep is when Fry wins a trip to the Slurm factory, brilliant satire and metaphor

SKMBlake said:
d21lewis said:

Same. Recently bought entire series including the movies on Google Play.

Buying movies on Google Play ? Is that still a thing (or even was a thing at some point) ?

It's probably the best place to buy. The library is great, the prices are pretty cheap. You can buy stuff in SD and they'll often upgrade it to 4K, you can share your library with other people (5, I think) and best of all--your library is on YouTube!

Youtube is pretty much on every device so my library is on pretty much every device. 

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