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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Scorn - 13 minutes of Series X gameplay

Maybe it's just me but it looks disgusting but in a good way


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I think this gameplay from 2017 does a better job at showing off the game (minus the graphics, of course).

Fun fact: There are two trailers of this game on Youtube with 27m and 16m views each. Apparently this went viral in 2016 and I totally missed it.

Either this is a horrible showcase or the game is style over substance. I don't mind the slow pace but the lack of interaction is concerning

I would love if it had co-op lol I can just imagine trying to play this with a friend. It’ll be on gamepass so I’ll definitely give this game a shot.

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Reminds me of halo 3 missions when going to confront the hive mind and retrieve cortana.

Slower paced with less enemies it seems.

It's on Gamepass so, why not give it a chance.

I mean, it’s on Game Pass. I’ll give it a go regardless. Based solely that it’s timed console exclusive, it earned a try for me.

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Looks pretty good. If they polish up the gameplay a bit, I might give it a try. I dig the visuals A LOT!

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There's something about the abundance of fleshy, gross-out stuff scattered across these halls that works for me (so far). The reload animations look interesting too. I'm not totally sold on the gameplay but could win me over like SOMA did.

i watched the whole thing, and for a lot of it i was thinking "this developer has a great understanding of how this game works". i was trying to imagine how long it'd take myself to understand how to progress, and what the objective was. i felt i would be totally lost trying to do whatever the player of this demo was doing.

with that said, it looks pretty dang cool. i'll totally get it as long as it doesn't turn out terrible.

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