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Forums - General Discussion - What is your sexual orientation?

curl-6 said:
Metallox said:

First time I read about that. I would be sad if I was like that, I always crave for a good romance. 

Well, I mean why would you be sad about something you don't crave? Being straight, I have no craving for sex with men; that doesn't make me sad as it's simply not something I need. An unmet need can make one sad, but it can't be unmet if you don't have that need in the first place.

yup exactly

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ice said:
finalrpgfantasy said:

Why would you watch that movie 3 times on repeat?  I'm gay, and I haven't seen that movie once. 

Dat boi sus @Spade you also watch it in slo mo? 

Yeah slow mo and after eating a bunch of oysters. no stiffy. 100% straight  

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Bisexual I suppose

I don't suppose anymore. 

Super gay.