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Forums - Sony Discussion - Japanese analyst: PS5 could sell 200-300m in 5 to 6 years

shikamaru317 said:
Mnementh said:

Even if we assume that eSports move completely to PS5 (and that is a massive ask, as you said), how many additional unit sales would that make? 5 million? 10 million? Never the 80-180 million needed for this prediction. This guy not only assumes the eSports-scene moves completely to PS5 (and only talking about Xbox not PC), but also it has to grow massively.

EDIT: But at least we know which analyst recommended Atari to produce 4-5 million cartridges of E.T.

I think his (bad) take is that eSports events will be played on PS5 units instead of PC's next gen for some reason, and that millions of new casuals who have never been gamers before will watch eSports events being played on PS5, and then want to buy a PS5 themselves in order to emulate their favorite eSports players. He mentions how NBA player endorsements can sell millions of shoes, like Nike's Jordan shoe brand. It's a stupid prediction for sure, it assumes not only that Sony will be able to convince eSports events to switch from PC to PS5, but also that the eSports fanbase will grow monstrously over the course of this gen, creating hundreds of millions of brand new gamers.

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I want to know where this "analyst" thinks all of these people are coming from.  PS5 is not a Blue Ocean product like the Wii.  It isn't trying to bring new types of people into gaming.  It also isn't trying to be a cheaper system that can be easily sold in new territories.  It can't get 100M+ people from former XB1 fans, because XB1 is only selling around 50M.  And it isn't going to take them away from Nintendo, because Switch is clearly going to be super successful.  Where do the exta 100M+ people come from?

I think some of these analysts are really marketers who get to have "analyst" as their title.

I get that predicting extreme numbers makes an "analyst" stand out in the headlines.

But I just don't see how it's in any way beneficial to their future career being so out of touch with reality. Aren't they held accountable for previous statements and track records?

Agree with everyone else, this prediction is cray cray. It's way too low.

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Signalstar said:
Agree with everyone else, this prediction is cray cray. It's way too low.

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The eventuality of an anomaly


Never ever happening. Maybe he fails to realize Japanese consumers have mostly abandoned home consoles. Japan is a major market for video games, and them losing interest in PlayStation will hurt worldwide sales.

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I think 100 million might already be overshooting it, let alone 200 million or more.

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Qwark said:
I think 100 million might already be overshooting it, let alone 200 million or more.

100M in 5 years seems possible.

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