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Forums - Sales Discussion - I explain why the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo consoles in general will always exceed the sales of PlayStation in general

Quite simply, because Nintendo is very strong in all markets (USA, JP, EU), Sony only owns Europe and the USA (which are also dominated by Nintendo).
If Nintendo continues to do very good marketing like they did with the Wii / DS / Gameboy, then Nintendo consoles will always be above PlayStation in terms of sales.
That's why I think the Nintendo Switch will surpass sales of end-of-life PS4 and PS5, quite simply because it has a big lead over the PS4 in the US, Japan and Oceania.

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This thread will be fun to watch, but since playstation fanbase is almost dead in vgchartz this will became a big circlejerk thread


Um no? PS1 102 million. More than Wii. PS2 best selling gaming system ever made. Even more than DS. Sony supports their consoles in the final year with big exclusives where Nintendo mostly abandons them in the final year. Sony is the only one who has sold 3 home consoles to make it over 100 million. The switch will likely finish in the 110 million range and PS4 probably has another 10-15 left in it.

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It doesnt always exceed playstation though

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Nintendo Switch has a 6 million lead over PS4, I wanted to talk about portable consoles for Nintendo only, Sony is unbeatable in the home console market.
I was making a comparison between Nintendo portable consoles and Sony home consoles

"In general will always in general"

Sorry, my bad

If Nintendo never releases a Switch 2 this will certainly be true.

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