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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How you goinng to Cyberpunk in 2077?

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How will your Cyber Punk in 2077?!

Buy at launch and then ge... 11 50.00%
Buy at launch, don't care... 0 0%
Won't buy until they're i... 3 13.64%
Won't buy until they rele... 1 4.55%
Won't buy unless the rele... 1 4.55%
What is a cyberpunk? What are video games? 6 27.27%
Ka-pi96 said:

Likewise if enough people refused to buy games made with shitty working conditions then developers would quickly learn not to do that anymore if they want to actually sell their games. Of course nowhere near enough people will do that to make a difference, so you'd just be missing out on what will probably be a fantastic game for nothing. Plus, I'd argue that the onus is on the employees to force companies to give them decent working conditions rather than on customers to change things (the same reason that American tipping culture is ridiculous).

We know nothing of the company's overtime/rewards pay setup. This crunch may well be work or lose your job, no overtime pay, no time in lieu. Then once released it's "Right, now work on patching it." Or there may well be good rewards based on the game sales and profits and good time off for the workers after it's release.

vivster said:
I will buy it at launch and then wait for the next gen Upgrade for PC2.

Bit risky, should wait until the GotY Collection with all the DLC when it's released on Samsung Smart Fridge.

Hmm, pie.

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Activision does crunch. Made record profits. Still laid a lot of people off just so Bobby could give himself a 30 million dollar bonus. People will get laid off even if record sales because people like Bobby are in charge of these massive AAA publishers/Developers.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!