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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Mario 3D World on Switch worth it?

3D World is my favorite 3D Mario game, but I know that multiplayer is a big part of that.  It's still probably decent as a single player game.

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Jpcc86 said:
The answer is an emphatic yes.

If a mod could close this I'd appreciate it, theres no further discussion to be had on this matter.
Good evening.

lol, why? It's a perfectly valid question.

Itll really depend on what u likr. I dont really like 64, sunshine, or galaxy. Sunshine because aiming was a pain for me. Odyssey and 3d world are the only 3d games ive liked. In odyssey u have a weopon/item at all times in cappy. In 3d world items are very plentiful and done go away just cause the puzzle is solve or time is up like a lit of mario games. It plays much more like a 2d mario in 3d. Its the only cobsole mario that really captures that as well. It felt like the story was slightly more substantial than past marios and i really like the nod to mario 2.