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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5: Full-Priced First-Party Games Will Seemingly Be $70

Otter said:
I think it should really be based on a game by game basis, just because its next gen doesn't mean it should cost more... Demon Souls aklthough pretty, has fairly basic animations and is clearly not the most ambitious undertaking compared to the average AAA game.

Personally I wouldn't pay extra for any of the launch titles, games like GOW2/Horizon? Sure.

It is based on a game by game basis and Sony says as much. Their own games will cost between $50-70, so not everything will be $70. It was the same for Sony on the PS4, only that there the price range was $40-60.

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halil23 said:
brute said:

I for one am not a fan of this. As if they don't make enough money from DLC and microtransactions. Now they need to increase the starting price as well.

Sony barely have MTX in any of their games. How did you mix them up with Acti, EA, Ubi, m$, Epic, Capcom is baffling!

Sony makes extra money from PS Plus and PS Now. Plus overpriced digital games (when not discounted). Plus some DLCs here and there and although negligible compared to other companies, they have been playing around with microtransactions for a while. 

They may have not increased the actual price of their videogames until now, but they definetely have introuced new ways to get more money from their fans.

Saying that videogames need to be more expensive because their costs have increased and because the base price hasn't changed in over a decaded is a very questionable statement. 

The inflation excuse doesn't hold up when we're looking at compagnies who multiplied their revenue streams long ago with more services,mtx, subscriptions and such.

This 10$ is just there to inflate only one thing : Their fiscal profit.

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