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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Possible Xbox Series X price leak, by Monster Energy Drinks.


How much will series X cost?

549$ - Halo Infinate sin... 3 15.00%
599$ - Halo Infinate MP is free2play. 10 50.00%
nah... nope... it has to be... cheaper right? 7 35.00%
Barkley said:
zero129 said:

Im not saying your wrong but do you have a link?.

I'm trying to find his actual own words, strangely no clear links, but eh.

Edit: Found some of his own words on the matter, he never said he "made it all up". He did however say that it was just anecdotal statements, that he's unedcuated on the topic and can't understand the technical details and his reason for sharing them is he thought the forum was too "one-sided".

I am not trying to get on your nerves, but this is quite funny.

You: The dude literally said he made it all up.
Zero: Do you have a link for it?
You: *share his tweet* It literally says: "I am just passing along anecdotal statements, I didn't make them up!"

And you still stand by your original claim that he lost credibility. Even though your own "evidence" contains the exact opposite of what you said about him. 

Funny to me!

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

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Even Pringles is getting in on the price leaks. The link has the screenshots.

"According to a post on the Pringles Facebook page for a giveaway, its seems the Xbox Series X might cost a not insubstantial R13,500.00. Rounded off, that comes to $815. How that price was calculated is a bit complicated.
The pricing detail, spotted by eagle-eyed twitter user Cavie, comes from the terms and conditions for the giveaway, a link most people would not have thought to click on. A screen grab taken from a document related to the giveaway indicates that Pringles will be issuing 46 Xbox Series X consoles and that total value of the prize pool is R621,000.00. R621,000.00 divided by 46 comes to a perfect R13,500.00, which when converted to US dollars comes in the region of $815.
Now its unlikely that the $815 will end being an actual retail price in the international market. The calculated R13,500.00 South Africa will include taxes and other import duties, so its likely inflated from what the US pricing will be. That being said, this would indicate that US pricing is probably $599 or more."