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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Possible Xbox Series X price leak, by Monster Energy Drinks.


How much will series X cost?

549$ - Halo Infinate sin... 3 15.00%
599$ - Halo Infinate MP is free2play. 10 50.00%
nah... nope... it has to be... cheaper right? 7 35.00%

$599.99 is a lot of money but these consoles are very powerful. You should expect to pay that much for these specs.

I'd still buy a PS5 at that price but I guess many others wouldn't. Which is odd considering a new iPhone is double that cost and people upgrade those 2x as often as consoles.

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If that is the price? Dead on arrival . Lets not forget we have covid and the country Microsoft sells the most consoles have unemployment problems. I dont believe the consoles Will BE more then 500 and that is already pushing it.


Barkley said:
goopy20 said:
Since MS doesn't seem to care much about how many Series X's they'll sell, I don't see why they would be willing to take a hit on each console sold. I'm guessing $599 for Series X, $499 for the ps5 and $399 for the ps5 DE. If Series S is real, it will probably be $299, though.

The cost of the UHD Bluray drive will be about $25. (The UHD Bluray drive in the XBO S was only estimated to cost $33.50 back in 2016). So a $100 price decrease for the digital edition seems unlikely.

I'm not sure what the pricing will be for this digital edition and how they will make it attractive compared to the standard ps5.

$50 less?

Bundled with a game?

More Storage?

They have to do something to make the digital edition more appealing but removing the drive doesn't bring down manufacturing cost much so I'm not sure they can make it an attractive purchase just by lowering it's price, without taking a hit anyway.

Sony can tie a temporary cashback program exclusively to the Digital Edition of the PS5. For 1-2 years you get 5-10% back on every digital game you purchase. That's the way to give up money without actually giving it up as it will entice customers to buy more games than they would have bought otherwise.

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I think it will be $549. There's a reason the XSS exists. And it's not because MS is going to launch the X at $399-$449, prices that would be acceptable to a large portion of gamers.

ARV = approximate retail value

This means absolutely nothing

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If either company had already a fixed price, they would have revealed it by now. It wouldn't make sense for them to be waiting for the other if they have a price decided already.

Probably $549 with Halo seperate. Given the specs and how much a PC like it would cost I’d say that’s good. Then again the price isn’t official yet so who knows 

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Barkley said:

$600 wouldn't surprise me. Both consoles will be $500-$600. I assume XSX costs more to produce than the PS5, more CU's etc. Though the PS5's faster SSD may cost more to produce too, IDK.

But I expect PS5 to be $500+ and the XSX will either be the same price or more.

I think they can take a bigger loss on the discless version because all the sales on that console will give Sony more money as they don't reduce prices on PS store nearly as much as physical games and Sony gets the part of the sale that would normally go to retailers.  Plus a digital console owner is probably more likely to own PS+ AND PS Now and be online focused with his gaming which means microtransactions for them.  Basically I'm saying Sony can bank on making more money long term from a digital console customer.  So they can take $100 less price even if it means a bigger loss on hardware compared to the physical disc console

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Leynos said:
If it's over $500 then they just messed up for the second-gen in a row. I'm kinda amazed this is an ongoing issue for as long as gaming consoles been a thing. I most remember SEGA pricing Saturn at $400. Sony walks up to the podium at E3 1995 and just says "$299". We all know the famous PS3 $599 US dollars meme and this gen PS4 vs Xbox. With their money. Just be mega aggressive and just say $400-450. Include a 2-week code for GP.

$600 is overpriced for a console no matter the insides and in the middle of a pandemic.

I think $600 would be okay IF the Series S is an appealing product at a significantly lower price. On paper the Series S should still look like a significant upgrade over base 8th gen consoles, which most people own, and they should stress that. However, I would imagine the Series X and PS5 are aiming for the same price.

Not sure if the pandemic really matters. Many millions can still afford a next gen console. But if it does, then it might be a really good thing to have a Series S.

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Even Digital Foundry is alluding to $500-$600 consoles. I think both Xbox Series X and PS5 might end up being to be expensive than most people think.