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Forums - Sony Discussion - Why you should buy PS5 on launch date explained.

There's currently 1 reason for me to consider the PS5 at launch and that's Kena. That's looking amazing.

I will need more than that though, so we'll see what happens. Should know more within a month.

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Nah i need to buy a third Switch just to have it

I wont buy one at launch because I'm actually working on my backlog PS4 games, like legit and it feels great lol, And also probably by the time I finish my backlog I'm sure the PS5 slim would come out and I wouldn't mind waiting for that. (plus im sure the slim will also look good in my living room too lol)

How much is Sony paying you?

I was sold on ps5 based on the ps1,ps2,ps3 nd ps4 history on games alone but thanks anyway.

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No one of these points has to convince anyone to buy at release. Because everybody knows that We need a couple of months to see how many problems, games, and costs we have to pay because is a big investment.

Wow these are all fantastic reasons... Even one of these would have convinced me but you got FIVE. Incredible!!!

DonFerrari said:
Well I`m also planning to buy on the first opportunity.
It is funny to see so many people complaining that the dual shock never changes, and when it changes and with that you can`t use the older one on the new system it become an issue (even if for all the previous generation that wasn`t ever a problem).

I was definitely not one of these people :D I stated here that I find the original DualShock form-factor more comfortable than the DualShock 4's (I can't speak to how the DualSense will rest in my hands, but it looks like the answer is 'less well').

On topic: I'll pass on the launch PS5, but I'm glad that you're this excited about it. As for me:

1) If I get a PS5, regardless of the when, this number can only stay the same or grow larger. Games won't disappear after the launch window (physical copies will probably be harder to track down). Besides, if they're good enough, there will likely be a GOTY, Complete Edition, or Remaster at some point anyway. In the interim, my backlog knows no shortage.

2) Also not applicable for me.

3) The price (whatever it ends up being) will (most likely) only go down with time. Moreover, I have no doubt that Sony will release a PS5 Pro at some point. If I get anything, it will likely be this (unless I have reason to believe Sony will release a PS5 Pro Ultimate!).

4) The above reply to DonFerrari addresses point 4 for me in terms of any desire to move on from the original DualShock

5) As a hardware enthusiast, I'm always a fan of software being specifically optimized to push singular, customized tech. It seems to me that 3rd party games tend to shy away from doing this, however. If you have a link you could post of which 3rd parties have made this commitment, I'd love to check it out.

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I've been very excited to get the PS5 at launch, but after this thread I'd feel dirty doing so.

Hmm, I still not seeing any reason to buy one