Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will PS5 repeat the success of the PS4, and achieve 50 % marketshare?

Will PS5 achieve 50% marketshare?

Yes 30 26.55%
No 64 56.64%
Maybe 14 12.39%
I'll have what you're smoking. 5 4.42%
DonFerrari said:
Snoopy said:

GAAS games are a little bit trickier than your standard games. GAAS games depend heavily on user feedback and that is why it is release in early access all the time. It also needs to generate a lot of revenue to make sure it actually has interests before investing a lot of time and money into it.

No doubt, we see a lot of games trying to copy others and be the next big one but most fail, it really is hard to be sucesful on GAAS models.

True, which is why Microsoft might want to consider making XBL free and include these games in xbox game pass day 1.

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Snoopy said:
DonFerrari said:

So will you show the sales and profits numbers from SoT to prove the point?

The game had over 10 million players early this year, while DKC maxed at about 8 users at best. So that shows SOT if more popular by default and obviously they are making a killing with Microtransactions, game pass, and retail sales. Microsoft doesn't show sales for any of there games and focus on players count because of xbox game pass.

You can't directly compare a modern game and a game from 1994.   That is 26 years ago.  The industry has grown a ton since then.  The SNES was the top console of the generation and only sold 49.1 million units.  Just by rough numbers, the 9.3 million that DKC sold in the mid 90s, is about the equivalent of selling 20 million today in terms of popularity.

Someone up above also mentioned GoldenEye.  Both DKC and GoldenEye were the 3rd best selling games on their respective consoles.

The other issue is directly comparing GAAS games to regular games is pretty problematic.  It is a different business model entirely, and there is nothing from 1994 even remotely similar.  With regular games, you just need to know the sales (although DKC also has virtual console sales now which we have no numbers on).  With a GAAS, the total number of players and the active player base can tell a very different story.

"In July 2020, Rare announced that Sea of Thieves had passed 15 million players. Over 3.3 million players played in June 2020. 1 million players had purchased the game on Steam since its launch on June 3rd, 2020."

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