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From the sequences they showed, Nocturne while a bit too clean in the HD side, seems to be mostly intact, hope the voice over in the trailer wasn't official, cause Nocturne doesn't need voice acting.

I'm cautiously optimistic that they won't fuck around with Nocturne too much.

V doesn't look like complete trash yet so, das also a plus, seems like a sort of repeat of Nocturne, while that is a double edged sword, it should be more good than IV at the very least, I also can't tell if that is Kaneko's artstyle with the main character, if they actually brought him back from the dead it may actually be a decent SMT since, frigging Strange Journey.

DLC for Cadence looks great.

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Well, nothing interested me. Too bad.

I really wish we could see more Nintendo games.

JWeinCom said:
curl-6 said:

Is there anyone among us who doesn't have a popular game or two that they don't particularly care for?

I'm not hard to please. I've already said twice already that all it would take would be one or two updates to satisfy me.

There's a difference between not liking a game and referring to it as trash. Like... I really don't care for Skyrim but I definitely wouldn't call it trash. Because, objectively, there are a lot of things that are really good about the game and it's clearly well made. Same with GTA.

Part of what makes a game resonate with a person is subjective, but a big part of quality is subjective. You can not like Smash, but referring to it as trash definitely makes me question your judgment. 

At any rate what would make you happy is info about a niche franchise that essentially bombed in its last outing... and a port of a game that didn't seem to do all that great on Switch, and will almost certainly going to sell less than the port you didn't care about... So, again, your tastes are different than other Nintendo fans. Nothing wrong with that, but if you have unique tastes, a presentation geared towards the masses is less likely to satisfy you.

I don't mean to go too far off topic here, but I'd like to challenge some of this post. I think it's dangerous mixing the word "objectivity" into any personal assessment of a video game. 

I believe Smash Bros. is an excellent series and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate deserves a 9/10. But that has everything to do with how I prefer games to be designed, my musical tastes, my flexibility on online multiplayer, my philosophy on content and value, etc. It's a matter of personal taste. If most people concur with me, then I have struck a cord with a popular opinion, not an objective truth.

You can objectively catalog what a game contains and dispassionately measure its performance, but once you determine the importance of something or assign value to a component, you have thrown objectivity out the window.

Happy to continue this conversation on a wall, since it's pretty far removed from the OP  

Big meh on this one. Don't really care for SMT much but I know a lot of people do so enjoy the Nocturne remaster and V. Nintendo still has no games dated for the rest of 2020, so that's a bummer.

So my guess is that they’re changing their Direct formula, instead of one big general Direct every 4 months, they’ll split them and do smaller one on different themes.

We already have the Smash and Pokemon direct covering these series and we also have the Nindies for indies developer.
If the Partner Showcase focus on 3rd party announcements and if the keep the Treehouse format they used with Paper Mario every time they want to focus on a specific game, I don’t see why they couldn’t have a 1st party focused Direct in the mix.

If it means more frequent, but also more focused announcements, I think it can be interesting.

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lol yeah, I have to admit that was bad.

JP direct was better than western

Even with greatly lowered expectations, that disappointed.

Told ya Mini directs are shit. What a bunch of shit. Aside from SMT there was nothing.

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

SMTV was among the first games announced for Switch, better late than never but damn are you late!