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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Xbox Series X / Lockhart could be the last Xbox consoles ever made.

I think this is an interesting subject, and highlights how much rides on the Xbox Games Showcase on the 23rd.

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.

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Can you out highlights in OP? For those sad fools such as myself who find themselves using hotel internet.

Absurd. So long as there’s 150-200 million people that buy consoles each gen and all the software that is bought with it, there is no reason to stop.

In addition, consoles are where the majority of Game Pass subscriptions come from so arguably MS is going to be more committed to consoles then Sony. Lockhart seems to be the ideal GP console with it being digital and low barrier.

Side note: Your signature is borderline bait given the text size. Also wrong since MS is now objectively more consumer friendly then Sony. “MS want to make money by putting gamers first”. There, finished your incomplete sentence for you ;)

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your bias is showing

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One of these days, it will truly be MS's last console.....

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Well, it's pretty obvious MS is going down the route of GAAS. Their current CEO is a big believer in online services being the future, not so much in dedicated HW. They've also moved all of their games to PC, so HW definitely isn't the most important thing to them. GamePass and xCloud is.

Still, it depends on how well the Series X does. If they can continue selling 40M-60M, while making a profit on HW, they may stay in the HW business. However, if they have to lose money to hit those numbers, or worse, they sell 30M or less, they will be done with HW. Maybe they'll make a dedicated xCloud box. But, they'll not be making something that costs so much to R&D, manufacture, and advertise if that's what the return will be.

There's only two situations I can think of where the Xbox Series X is the last.
1. It under-performs a lot. We're talking less than the Xbox One, and maybe as low as the original Xbox.
2. It still does well, or even really well. But Microsoft really believes the future is in the cloud, and announces Xbox hardware is done. The Xbox brand and studios will survive, but the games will be available on Windows, and maybe some will roll over to Sony and Nintendo in the tenth generation.
Phil Spencer has said that the plan is not for the Xbox Series X to be the last. But of course why would he's say it's the last? Even entertaining the idea that it is the last Xbox, it would be terrible marketing to admit as such before it even releases.

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only777 said:

I think this is an interesting subject, and highlights how much rides on the Xbox Games Showcase on the 23rd.

"Likewise, your thread should never only be a link to the story/article/video/etc. You must include your own commentary."

OP needs a summary/reflection on the video beyond one generic sentence. I'll give you a day to fix it, if not it will be locked.

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Didn't people say the same about the Xbox One?


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Dulfite said:
Can you out highlights in OP? For those sad fools such as myself who find themselves using hotel internet.

Simple ~ broad assumptions that will most likely end up not meeting reality. Using VGC's numbers to make a point, while also ignoring many others (Xbox doesn't have to be in 1st or 2nd place to co-exist with stronger brands). The Series X would have to be a Wii-U/Vita-like blunder for such a thought to even make rounds in any Microsoft Staff discussion, I'd imagine.

So yeah, just sweeping hot takes and a topic I'll be watching the trajectory of.

Edit: Also @only777 , please be mindful of JWein's request to alter that OP. Thanks!

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