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The best Nintendo is gonna give us right now is a Direct Mini. But i never believed anything would happen tomorrow

Nothing to see here, move along

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This thread will probably be poorly aged soon

MasonADC said:
This thread will probably be poorly aged soon

Or this comment. We'll see which one..I'm rather neutral on the matter myself. 

im going to laugh my tits off, if a direct happens next week

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And boom, there it is. 10 minute mini direct. This thread aged like rapidly aged wine.

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Omagad if he could just have waited until the next day this wouldn't be embarassing as it is now

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Lmao this doofus probably wishes he has amnesia so he could forget this dumb thread he created, how ironic lol

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Oof! I definitely dont want to be you right now!
There is a reason why the rumor was very popular.... because it was true lol

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He was just wrong about a Direct. Who cares? Lets not act like he did something illegal.

MasonADC said:
This thread will probably be poorly aged soon