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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - For or against GTA V on the Nintendo Switch


For or against it ?

For 42 89.36%
Against 5 10.64%
Shiken said:
snyps said:

Multiple studios, including both RS North and San Diego worked on the game.  A simple google search would have told you that, no reason to be sarcastic when called out.

You manage to miss the point. In house R* North/San Diego developed games Do not equal Team Bondi, R* Vancouver, etc. My original point is fact. You cannot call me out on it. 

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I'd love to have GTA 5 on the Switch.

If it doesn't happen because Rockstar North doesn't want their franchise on Switch, I can understand. Like a jilted ex, they may still be angry at Nintendo, even though they've CHANGED and matured since the N64 =P

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Rockstar is against because it wouldn't meet their GTA Online model the way they want.

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CarcharodonKraz said:
sundin13 said:
Why would anybody be against it? Maybe I'm not understanding the question...

If its gtaV or nothing, then yeah I'm with you. If we could instead use those resources to get a AAA game that was made in the last year or, crazy thought,  I simulrelease of a big upcoming game, id prefer the latter. Thats the 1 reason I could think of.

That's a good point actually, if it's going to tie up a porting studio like Panic Button or Virtuos, I'd rather they work on current gen ports to Switch.

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