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Forums - General Discussion - Is this okay to be muslim in USA ?

I am very excted because I will to US for my vacation but my parents and I are muslim and I don't want to be considered as a terrorist in the airport . Is this okay to have an Arabic head without without being searched everywhere in the Airport ?

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Btw I will go to L.A

If I were you I would avoid going to the US right now. The virus situation is not under control.

If you insist on coming, I doubt you'll have much trouble. Security may look at you a bit more closely than other people, but beyond that, I don't imagine you'd have any issues.

The US is a mess. Racial tensions since it's current leadership has made it seem okay to be outwardly racist and prejudice. On top of that, there is a worldwide pandemic and the US being the hotspot. This could not be a worse time to visit. Let's see where things are at next summer. Maybe have a new regime and a vaccine out to get things under control. Stay clear right now.

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Its ok to be muslim anywhere, but youre heading to a place where people are not ok.

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I'm Dutch by birth, yet I used to have long hair and got singled out every time at the border. Red X on my declaration card, into secondary search. They insisted I was randomly selected, every time lol. I was traveling alone though (for work), with family you likely won't have any issues. But wait for a vaccine for covid19 first!

This is what you're going in to

You as an openly Muslim will have it better in the US than an openly Apostate will have it in the Muslim world.

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Being a Muslim in Los Angeles is perfectly fine. It’s a diverse city. Just keep out of the gang neighbourhoods.

But it’s also a COVID hot spot. So be careful regardless and bring face masks.

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I think it's fine if you're in a big city (like Los Angeles as you state). Of course, even in the big cities, you may still run into some racist assholes but it's less likely than if you were in a small town/rural area of the US.

The US us totally fine for a visit, or to live. It has problems, just like anywhere else. But, some of these comments above clearly come from people that have no idea of what is going on here.

Bottom line, there are literally millions of Muslims in the US, and they live life just like anyone else. Racism isn't zero, but you're unlikely to have any real problems during a visit.