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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo Switch sales in Europe

Is this a troll?

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Me ?

YanisFromFrance said:

Me ?

And your thread

YanisFromFrance said:
Yes but if Sony is dominating is only because of the east

YanisFromFrance said:
France , Spain , Switzerland and Germany clearly prefer Nintendo

YanisFromFrance said:
US and Japan prefer Nintendo too ,

YanisFromFrance said:
But in the Western Europe the Nintendo Switch is selling more than the PS4

We get it. 

Okay sorry i didn't mean Nintendo is dominating since always in these regions

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I am from France. I think Switch will have way more sales after a price cut or if they bundle a game for the same price.

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What ? I am from France too and everybody buys the Switch did you see the best selling titles only Nintendo is here

Compared to PS4 and XBOX1, the Switch almost doesn't exist in Hungary, I had to wait 2019 to see it outside the capital and outside December.
I don't believe this influences the domination of SONY in Europe, the population of the V4 countries (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary), is equivalent to the population of France only, with still a GDP/person inferior, the Switch in Hungary almost cost half of the average wage (350€ the Switch and 750€ the avg wage).

The XBOX1X at start was 550€.

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Yeah that's why SONY is dominating the eastern europe , but Nintendo is dominating the West

I live in Greece. Nintendo has always been really popular here in the sector of portable consoles. Everybody had a GBC,GBA and DS. Can't remember anyone having an N64 or GCN. But, yes, If you ask me, Switch feels like being more popular than the prodecessors. Many people act like the Switch is a move that Nintendo has done to come closier to the gaming audience, though it has long way to go yet. To be honest, I'd expect more from Europe about Switch. But, I don't complain. I'm actually happy. And of course, gaming here is a synonym to playstation.