Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Resident Evil 2 RE the best entry of the series ?

I think it is excelling in all sectors, i cant find a flaw. I played both scenarios and the extras. What do you think ?

I also liked 4 and 7, but for me this is the best.



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my favourite was the original on ps1, and will always be my favourite. The atmosphere and graphcis for its time, the isolation of the mansion and the horror within, horror within fully lit up areas, the movements and sounds of the infected, and ofcourse the soundtrack, which is still the greatest. Then resident 3 ps1, followed by resident evil 4/

Yeah, I think so, as a game but as a horror RE7 in VR is better. Nothing beats RE7 in VR as a horror.


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Yes, it is.

I would put it up there as second best. Resident Evil 4 is the cream of the crop for me.

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RE4 on GameCube is a masterpiece.

I think it might be, though. Either 2 or 7 for me. Remake of RE1 is great, too.

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RE4 is my favorite.

Nostalgically speaking I prefer the original RE 2, 1 Remake, 4, Veronica and 7 in VR. From an advanced technical standpoint/graphics RE 2 remake s the best and a great experience.

1. Re4
2. Re: rebirth
3. Re 2 remake