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To me it is, it embraces the original style of the old games and modernizes it without turning the game into a silly 3rd person shooter like 4, too bad they cut so much from the b scenario, the game was one step away from survival horror perfection. I had great hopes for remake 3, had the right template for greatness instead they decided to rush it so they could focus on a sequel to 7, which in my opinion should have been a new franchise.

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Its almost a masterpiece, but no.

RE 1 Remake and RE 4 are better games.

RE 7 is debatable.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Tough one. REmake 2 was cream of the crop in a lot of ways. However it did have some serious flaws as a true remake, mainly in the A and B campaign structure. In the original, they were two very different paths through the same area. There is even a part where they intersect if played on the right order where Leon has to help Sherry due to radio communication. The stories were actually woven together.

But in REmake 2, it is largely the same game with a few different item locations and Mr X triggers. There are a few variations, but it feels more like a remix with a few side stories than an event that took place alongside your 1st playthrough. You even fight the same final boss in the same spot, which kind of broke the immersion for me (not including the secret boss of course). It did a lot of things right, but you don't have to look hard to see this MAJOR flaw and missed opportunity.

All in all though, my two favorites are still a toss up of RE7 and REmake 2. Having said that, I have yet to play 4 believe it or not.

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Re4 all the way



You seem to have spelled RE4 wrong.
Also RE2 > Remake, though it was a very nice effort to bring it to modern days, they completed messed the scenarios A/B from the original with the second run on the remake. They should be complementary, not just a choice.
The original RE2 actually had 4 scenarios giving you both the choice of 2 different chars with the changes AND the complementary follow up to any you picked.
I knew it would be very hard to not mess this up with a Remake, so its not unnexpected, but the original is still the one that matters.
Again, very competent effort on the remake, tho.
Different from what they did with 3...

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Still think it's REmake on Gamecube. I like the fixed camera as you don't know what lurks around the corner. I like the tank controls as it makes you feel more helpless in a bleak situation adding to the horror. The addition of Crimson Heads. Then my favorite thing of all and one of the most tragic things and scariest in gaming. Lisa Trevor. Not to mention the game still looks great 18 years later.

It's the purest game in the entire series.

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KratosLives said:
my favourite was the original on ps1, and will always be my favourite. The atmosphere and graphcis for its time, the isolation of the mansion and the horror within, horror within fully lit up areas, the movements and sounds of the infected, and ofcourse the soundtrack, which is still the greatest. Then resident 3 ps1, followed by resident evil 4/

Nailed it. I suppose it's difficult to be objective as it was the first RE game I played, but nothing has come close to the experience of playing the original around release. Gradually unravelling the story, the atmosphere, the soundtrack (amazing, as you say - one of my all time favourites from any game) was incredible.