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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fans of brands (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony), what are your top 3 genres in games?

Nintendo fan (also buy PlayStation)

1. RPG
2. Action-adventure
3. Fighting

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1. Stealth
2. Action/Adventure
3. More cerebral fare like Tactics, Simulators, etc.

NIntendo/PlayStation fan

favorite genres
Rpg's of all kinds JRPG and WRPG, turn based, and action based.
Platforming both 2D and 3D
Action adventure

Least favorite
Shooters (I have liked a few in the past like Golden Eye)
Non arcade sports games. I enjoy sports games like NBA Jam.

Playstation/Nintendo fan:

1. RPGs of all types (not if there more hack-n-slash actiony than a actual rpg though)
2. Action Adventures (3rd person story driven games) (prefer if they arn't too heavy on the action, its the exploration and story that grabs you)
3. Platforming 2D/3D (not the castlevainia/2D metroid/Meat boy type clones)
4. Tactics games.

2-3-4 are almost all interchangeable.
I enjoy a occasional sim or strategy/puzzle game too, hell even a good shooter (say Half-life single player, or doom).... There's not really any bad genre, just bad games.

Least Favorite:
Call of duty, online shooters just never appealed to me, and I dont understand why they are as big as they are.
Sports games, why would you buy a sports game? go play it yourself instead.
Fighting games, I used to enjoy fighters when I was younger but... not these days. Basically if its not street fighter, im not even touching it.

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Nintendo fan, although I do own PlayStation and Xbox consoles too. But mine in no particular order:

- Platformer
- Strategy

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1. Shooters. 3rd, 1st doesn't matter. I prefer fps though.

2. Rpgs. More Western than Japanese as I've gotten older and we've also moved further away from the Golden era of jrpg's.

3. Action/Adventure. Can tie in with Rpgs. In a lot of games like assassin's creed, shadow of mordor/war etc the lines are really starting to blur as RPG elements are frequent in this genre.

What I've noticed is out of 8 people, only 2, didnt place action/adventure games on their lists.
It seems its a common "liked" genre, amoung vgc users.

Also a surpriseing amount of RPG love here. (5 outta 8)

Something tells me we arnt the mass market avg joe though, or it would be all Sports Games + Call of Duty.

My top genres:

1. RPGs (includes tactical, turn based, action, etc....  Needs to be well made and not M-rated.)
2. 2D beatem ups
3. 2D platformers

I like Nintendo, Sony and Sega.  Whatever system has games that I like, that's what I play.  I do spend a lot of time playing on older systems.

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1) RTS. (I.E. StarCraft.)
2) Open world RPG. (I.E. Elder Scrolls.)
3) FPS. (I.E. Overwatch.)

1) FPS. (I.E. Halo.)
2) Western RPG. (I.E Fable.)
3) 3rd person FPS. (I.E. Gears of War.)

1) Action Adventure. (I.E. Zelda)
2) Japanese RPG. (I.E Xenoblade.)
3) Arcade Racer. (I.E. Mario Kart.)

1) Action Adventure. (I.E. Uncharted.)
2) Action RPG. (I.E. Horizon Zero Dawn.)
3) Japanese RPG. (I.E. Final Fantasy.)

There is something to love about every brand, why limit yourself to just one platform/brand?

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1. Shooter genre (Splatoon 2)
2. Tactical Role Playing Game ( Fire Embelm 3 Houses)
3. Social Simulation (Animal Crossing New Horizon)

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