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Forums - Sony Discussion - Playstation 5 - CPU might have 1ccx instead of 2.


Do you guys think this is the case?

I think so, all that talk... 7 77.78%
Nah, 100mhz more always b... 2 22.22%
OneTime said:
LurkerJ said:

Except that Mark talked heavily about how closely they worked with AMD on those "vanilla" parts and that their partnership is likely to influence AMD's approach to future GPU/CPUs, Mark explicitly predicted that whatever new technology the PS5 has at the moment will be the standard for many PCs in the near future.

I don't doubt that Sony and Microsoft have a lot of input into AMD's development roadmap, but in practice GPU features are specified by standards bodies like the Khronos group.  A whole load of companies participate there, as it similarly makes no sense for AMD to invest in features that will never be in Nvidia and Intel GPUs and so forth, as game devs mostly avoid non-standard features...  

Don't get me wrong: Sony and Microsoft are huge in the GPU industry, but actually many features are ultimately guided by the requirements of end software developers.

Not just Khronos, but Microsoft as well.
AMD and nVidia work with Khronos and Microsoft to define various standards... Which then later gets rolled into these graphics API's.

That isn't to say that AMD and nVidia don't go out on their own and invent their own propriety technologies... Back in the Playstation 2 era ATI/AMD GPU's had Tessellation which didn't become a standard hardware feature until Direct X 11/Playstation 4.
However the Direct X/OpenGL implementation of Tessellation was not-compatible with AMD/ATI's implementation, it was just different enough to break compatibility.

But then you get things like 3dc+ compression, which ATI/AMD rolled into their own GPU's first, which then later got adopted by Direct X and OpenGL.

It's an industry wide effort that isn't dictated by any singular entity.

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