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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Phil Spencer confident after seeing PS5 presentation - Gamelab 2020 interview


How do you think MS will perform at the July presentation?

MS will be in a league of its own 5 6.25%
MS will do better than the PS5 presentation 14 17.50%
MS will do as good as the PS5 presentation 13 16.25%
MS will do less well than... 48 60.00%

TBH no MS Presentation under spencer has impressed me. Not seeing a good presentation from them in well over a decade. I hope this is the one but I'm not expecting it. Spencer always promises best ever for Xbox and it's just more of the same. A lotta nothing.

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:

This is it this is the year

THIS time, is the time. For real, trust me, if not, next year is definitely THE year.

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After reading the summary, it's definitely the sort of stuff Spencer has said before, so I''m not sure if there is really much room for expanded discussion.
Nevertheless, it is going to be interesting to see how their approach to net gen is going to be compared to Sony's. Both are innovating in different ways and approaching the market differently too.

That said, I think it's a bit early to talk about PS5 just from the June event. Whereas I expect MS to go all out in their July event (like they do every E3), Sony has clearly not shown much of their hand at all, and they still have that August showing coming up (maybe even TGS).

i'm still not really a fan of Phil, but I can't fault the stuff he has said here in this interview.

pardon me haters, but they improve their output each year

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After the Sony show, he should be pretty confident.

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:

This is it this is the year

I don't expect you to give props if this was the year.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:

This is it this is the year

Technically they have one upped their previous E3 show almost every E3 this gen though. I couldn't really call any of those teases by Phil inaccurate.

2014 did have their best lineup in a long time, as late gen 360 E3's were quite weak thanks to Mattrick killing AA/AAA exclusive support for 360 in the later years to focus on Kinect instead, and 2013 only having a few announces like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse.

2015 did have their greatest E3 lineup up until that point.

2016 was a special year, they teased their mid-gen refresh console, announced 3 new exclusives, and had new trailers for many previously announced exclusives

2017 did have more exclusive games shown than in 2016.

2018 was their biggest E3 ever, it was their longest E3 show ever with 50 total games shown between 1st 2nd and 3rd party, and they announced multiple studio acquisitions and several new exclusives. 

He barely hyped up 2019, and indeed 2019 was their weakest E3 of the generation as I recall, it was quite obvious that most of their studios were saving up announces for the next-gen Xbox, which we now know to be Series X. 


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The only thing worthy coming from this all will be seen at the presentation. This is just the usual PR given by Bill, which while good at it, doesn't always back it up in the end.
Glad their stance on streaming is more about its complementarity than outright replacing every device existing right now in the physical space.

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The video has been removed, but the summary is clear enough. A true yes man trying to please everyone. Let the games do the talking!

They need to show something pretty incredible to get me to buy one. I skimmed through it and everything he said sounds good until, "Phil believes people will be pleased, and that Halo will play a big part in the appeal of the conference." I couldn't care less about Halo, so we shall see what they have cooking.