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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's your Least Favorite Nintendo Home Console?


Least Favorite Nintendo Home Console:

NES 8 10.13%
SNES 1 1.27%
N64 12 15.19%
Gamecube 13 16.46%
Wii 9 11.39%
Wii U 31 39.24%
Switch 5 6.33%

At the time, the NES was amazing. My entire childhood. Today? I can't play it at all. My least favorite.

If we're talking about how much we enjoyed them at the time, I gotta go with N64. It's got some all time classics but it had no representation in so many genres, such huge droughts, so many technical limitations, etc., it made me switch to PlayStation.

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Oh man im not sure I can pick. Its between the switch, the wii and the wii u. All 3 because of their libraries. I guess ill take out switch since it, technically, could turn things around. Wiiu by far had the worst library, but the wii is when nintendo basically said they dont give a crap about making games id be into. I guess ill go with wiiu. There were at least some 2nd party and 3rd party surprises that gen. Althought wiiu had the 1st 3d mario I ever got into. No wiiu. Final answer. Snes and cube are probably my fav 2. I think they had the best 1st, and 3rd party lineups in their history.

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In my reckoning I guess what saves Wii U from last spot is that for all its terrible design flaws and generally weak (by Nintendo standards) library, if I had to list the games I'd consider worth playing, Wii U's list would still be longer than Gamecube or NES for me.

Counting through my Wii U collection and disqualifying the ones I wasn't happy with, I still came up with a total of 18 games.

For comparison's sake, doing the same with my Gamecube collection, the count stands at 6.

Now, it's true that Wii U has an advantage here as it was my primary console during its life while I didn't get a Gamecube of my own til after it was replaced, and as a result I bought more games overall for former, but still, there's just more games on Wii U I'd rather play.

It's still definitely third last though as SNES, N64, Wii, and Switch are all far superior.

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Wii U.
Long and hard droughts.

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Pavolink said:
Wii U.
Long and hard droughts.

Yeah those were bleak times. 

There really is a difference between living through a system's life and buying its games as they come, and either buying it later when its library is complete or owning it as a kid where your games are bought for you.

Pretty much every Nintendo system since the SNES has had droughts of major software, but the only ones I experienced firsthand were Wii/Wii U/Switch; as a kid I had no idea of the 64's droughts and by the time I got a Gamecube all its games were out.

As I understand it from those who were there, Gamecube also had some pretty grim droughts.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.