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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents a Fighter from ARMS

My ideal would have been multiple skins for the ARMS rep. But picking the winner of the Party Crash mode is a respectable choice too.

All dat music tho, fantastic.

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Another new addition means another great animated trailer. This one really oozed with style and colors which I liked !

Glad we got Somerset than the default set characters too !

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these dlc announcement animations are awesome
yay, one of my favorites of ARMS! (lola pop isnt as popular enough...)

The categories of characters are so confusing...
Some are reskins (alf, koopalings) of the same character, other are echo with very small changes, other are even more similar but in different character slot (mario/dr.mario, young link/toon link). Chrom is like a mix of ike and roy, but is an echo fighter from roy...

NightlyPoe said:
JWeinCom said:
I was fairly sure it'd be a multiple character in one kind of deal. But, at least they picked my favorite who will now be the most popular Arms character by default.

Naw.  The Arms characters have more variety than people think.

If they were going to do multiple echo fighters with a DLC character, Byleth would have been the one since all the Fire Emblem characters can use the same weapons.  Maybe alter the stats (Claude being strong with the bow but weak with the lance for example) and play with the animations a bit.  Maybe even alter it so that only the correct character gets to use their proper Heroes' Relic and if not they use a Silver variant.  But the move sets can easily be used among all 4 of the main characters in that game.

And, the Lords in that game were just so good.  Pitting timeskip Dimitri against Edelgard to get a "Kill every last one of them" win screen would be worth the price of the DLC on its own.

Hiku said:
I didn't realize that Captain Falcon had Vegeta's voice actor.

I was listening to the Gamexplain guys livestreaming the presentation, and they were wondering who would win, Captain Falcon or Vegeta?

I could only shake my head at that one.

Probably Vegeta, because the Falcon Punch isn't strong enough to obliterate entire planets.