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This is an old problem, TV shows and movies have the same issue. The biggest issue the way I see it is that legitimate criticism is bundled together with outright stupidity and spite, leading to entertainment products gaining a sort of amnesty against negative press. Implementing systems that disallow harsher reviews and low scores is just as problematic as potential review bombing; it creates a false sense of perception of and in various user bases and potential demographics. Just look at the sorry state of Rottentomatoes in the past few years, there's obviously something up with the professional scores on that site. Sometimes, a great discrepancy between professional review scores and personal user scores can actually signify a real lack of appreciation for the product, an earnest disappointment. It's not always about people just being childish and spiteful (but that does happen as well). If anything, products that are universally praised by reviewers and bashed by users seem to get by on sympathy; the companies can point to the hate or "hate" and play the victim card, further spurring publicity and sales, and perhaps even gaining sales in demographics that would otherwise simply walk on by. I mean, look at movies like The Joker and Captain Marvel, lots of people were buying tickets as some sort of political statement and mark of support.

Game journalism has taken the same downturn as other forms of journalism; the fusion of journalistic inquiry and the selling of clicks has made it a mere commodity to be traded, reviews seem to have taken the same route since a while back. The sale matters more than the integrity of the salesman, professional reviews are absolutely bonkers today, it's like a massive scale version of the often unfair weighting systems on app stores, momentum begets momentum and allows products to plow unhindered through criticism and often glaring flaws or obvious weaknesses.

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An analysis showed: Without the more than 40,000 unfair 1/10 points in the first 48 hours, the meta game would be 8.5 in total. It's amazing how many people haven't played the game. Above all, the console war has become strong and Meta does NOTHING because clicks are important to them. Meta is not interested in neutral and honest reviews. The lesbian hatred is extremely sad. The developers even get death threats. I've played it through twice recently and have to say: it's the most emotional and perhaps best game of the entire generation. I've rarely been so impressed! The quality and graphics also look like the next generation. The Last of Us 2 is definitely a game I will remember in 20 years :)

My tip: play it yourself - these will be unforgettable evenings and nights! =)

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Game of the Year 2020: Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 Royal or The Last of Us 2 ?!

RolStoppable said:
Review-bombing on this scale only happens to games that displease their actual audience. Leaks for The Last of Us Part II have been floating around for about a month and many fans of the first game didn't like what they saw and read. Physical copies of the game have been available since three days before official release date, so it's very much possible that fans who got an early copy had completed the game by the time user scores went live on Metacritic. The hate for this game isn't coming exclusively from people who didn't play it and have no intention of not playing it.

Review-bombing is not going to destroy the game or harm Naughty Dog. All the actual damage, if any, that can result for Naughty Dog will have been done by Naughty Dog themselves.

Your comment that fans of other console brands should be allies with PS fans rings hollow. After all, it is PS fans who find themselves in conflict with other camps all the time because they go out of their way to bash other gaming platforms while the other camps have nowhere near the same level of tension between them. That's why despite no buddy-buddy feelings between Nintendo, Xbox and PC gamers, it's very commonly perceived by PS fans that everyone else is teaming up against them.

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I don't want to be the combo breaker...