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jazz getting thrown out gets me everytime

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If you're going to post the pool hustle, post the right version.

God I love this show. It alone makes the HBO Max sub worth it.

Loved this show growing up.
I think Will is now close to the age that James LaRue Avery (Uncle Phil's actor, who passed away in 2013) was while they were filming. And when he went bungie jumping recently, people noticed that he looked a lot like Uncle Phil for a moment.

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I've been binging that show on the BET channel lately. One of my all time favorite sitcoms along with Family Matters.
Damn shame we never got a crossover between the two.

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Nice show, but in the 8th episode they are already recycling two third of the pilot episode.

I know that these filler episodes with clips of former episodes were a thing in the 80s and 90s... but not in the first half of the first season!

It is my second favorite show, losing only to My Wife and Kids, so much funny that is worthy rewatching at any time.

Since it was on Movie Discussion I came with the expectation that a movie adaptation was announced.

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I usually despise shows with laugh tracks but this one is somewhat watchable. That being said if Malom in the Middle shows up on Disney Plus its going to be a bigger deal then this show being on HBO Max.