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Forums - Sony Discussion - Grade the PS5 Conference


What's your score?

10 28 12.56%
9 56 25.11%
8 52 23.32%
7 30 13.45%
6 24 10.76%
5 16 7.17%
4 6 2.69%
3 6 2.69%
2 1 0.45%
1 4 1.79%

As stated in the title, whats your score for the conference?

It was an easy 9/10 for me.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

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Ill give it an 8. Some really cool looking games. It was fun to watch.

But man, that console design...

Op, where is the 11 option!!? They nailed it! Ps5 is the most sexy console ever made, thing is gorgeous!!

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It was way more then I expected.

the console design made my naughty parts tingle, is it normal? :O

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Showed pretty much everything I wanted to see. Unless I am mistaken cause I was working as well. They didn't reveal the price right?


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9/10, we had basically what we expected, Horizon, Demon soul, RE8, Spiderman, Gran Turismo, Rachet and console design is an additional surprise, solid 9/10 to me

11/10 for games, lack of a BOOM price made me gave it an 8

No need for a new gen/10.

They showed nothing that the current PS4 can't do already. Also, that design is going to be quite annoying to lay horizontally.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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