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Forums - General Discussion - Who here experienced the amazing 4th gen console wars ?

Hmm not exactly happened in my region, we just got four of them(Genesis, Game Gear, SNES and Game Boy) for mainly first party games, so... no.. Everything was fine until 8th generation began the console wars here.

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I had the SNES and really didn't notice a console war at the time. I did have a few friends that had the Genesis and I thought the Sega CD was neat when I tried it over at a friends house. I really didn't notice the competition/game wars until the N64/Playstation/Saturn days when Sony had anti Nintendo ads, and Nintendo had some funny vhs tapes through Nintendo Power that made fun of Sega and Sony.

QUAKECore89 said:
Hmm not exactly happened in my region, we just got four of them(Genesis, Game Gear, SNES and Game Boy) for mainly first party games, so... no.. Everything was fine until 8th generation began the console wars here.

Same for me actually. I lived in the Netherlands until 2002, never noticed any console war. Some had MSX, some C64, some Nintendo, some Sega. Cartridge systems were less popular due to incompatibility with the rampant piracy in those days.

I didn't notice any console war until XBox joined the scene. MS butting in started the whole thing, especially since it 'stole' Halo away from PC. Although since PC had plenty better shooters, nobody really cared. We were too busy shooting each other in LAN setups. Not until the ps3 and 360 did the console 'war' become a thing. But really only on vgchartz lol. I've always bought all consoles since the ps1, except the xbox one. Biggest reason, ran out of space lol. Series X being bigger again is a big negative for me...

d21lewis said:
Ka-pi96 said:
I don't think it even existed in Europe. I hadn't even heard of Nintendo until the N64 came out, granted I was super young at the time but my family did have a Mega Drive so it wasn't as if game consoles were an alien concept. They just didn't really seem particularly noteworthy until PS1/N64.

I often finding myself forgetting that the gaming landscape was/is different in other parts of the world. One of my favorite gaming channels (Top Hat Gaming Man) said that there wasn't even a gaming crash in other parts of the world and that Nintendo never even saved gaming outside of the US.

From what I can tell gaming barely even existed in Europe during the early gens, so there wasn't really much to crash or save in the first place

The first console war I lived through while being aware of it was the 5th gen, and I didn't really care as my best mate had a PS1 so I played Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Croc at his place and he played Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, and Lylat Wars at mine. Between us we had the best of both worlds. Except sadly I didn't know anybody with a Saturn.

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trunkswd said:
TruckOSaurus said:

My friend had the SEGA CD and the games for that add-on were funny/terrible. Night Trap in particular amused us for a while with it's B-movie production quality, corny dialogue and limited gameplay. We would write down the order in which the check the cameras to catch all the monsters.

As a Sonic super fan as a kid (not so much anymore, though I LOVED Sonic Mania) I bought them for Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotic. I know some people love Sonic CD, but the controls felt so stiff after playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles. 

Sonic CD is a great game. 

I remember genesis coming out waaay before SNES or so it seemed. Genesis was killer compared to NES. But I owned the NES and was too young to conceive of upgrading. I’d play moonwalked and alteredbeasts at my friend’s but was truly content renting NES cartridges until SNES launched. I wanted to upgrade then and there! The joy factor from fzero and Super Mario World was all absorbing of my time. Then my new friend bought sonic and I loved playing it at his house. And another friend had Spider-Man and Venom. But I still had no interest at all in changing systems. Also, I was more content playing a graphically superior version of Mortal Kombat than having a blood code on a genki version. I thought the sega marketing was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen with the wack rappers and oddball logos. Even those my vote was decided, I never argued or thought of it as a console war. I loved being able to play those other games at friends houses! I tried to be a hipster sorta and bought a turbo graphics 16 but that turned into a mistake. Ninja Spirit and Bonk was super cool it was a cool experience for me until it broke from traveling.

I don't recall any warring.
Probably because there was no internet, and we didn't have those American ads (Genesis does/Blast Processing).

If you had a 16-Bit system, you were one of the cool kids.
Though most people I knew had a SNES. I only recall two people having a Mega Drive.

I remember Mortal Kombat not having blood on SNES being a thing you'd read about in gaming magazines, but I don't recall it being used as ammunition in arguments. Maybe because so few people owned a Mega Drive.

The sales numbers say otherwise, but I don't really remember any real war going on back then between Nintendo and Sega here in germany. From what I saw, Nintendo absolutely destroyed the Mega Drive. I remember one time seeing the Mega Drive for 50 bucks in the store and still nobody wanted to have it. The space for Sega was tiny, everything was absolutely dominated by Nintendo. But oh well, I was like 8 years old back then, so maybe I don't remember it all correctly...

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The most interesting console war was PS3 VS Wii VS X360, a total neck to neck between Sony and Microsoft. All of them won in the end.