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Forums - Sony Discussion - State of Play this Wednesday - Last of Us Part 2 Deep Dive!

From Push Square:


Will be hosted by Neil Druckmann - will be a pretty lengthy deep dive like the GOT State of Play.

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I sure hope they disable the comments/chat otherwise people gonna get spoiled hard


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Not watching this simply because I want to avoid the spoilers.

On second though, I might watch it later.Just have to avoid the comments.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Might check this one out... looking at the pre-load coundown timer every day for the last week now

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Hope they are careful to not copyright-claim themselves

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I can't wait. I hope to see some new infected!

Gameplay continuing to look awesome - and god is it brutal! Only a couple of more weeks to go. Game is out June 19th, reviews go live 1 week prior on the 12th.

Did catch the last about 10 mins of it. Looks amazing. Cant wait!

Fucking hell this game looks insane , cant wait for embargo to lift see What my favourite reviewers Score. Looks gotg material from every thing i Saw so far.

Those deaths look só fucking real that makes me unconfortable🥺


Insane amount of attention paid to details and animations.
Gameplay was solid too. Last of Us Part 2 is looking like it's gonna be something special.

Metascore is gonna be at the high end of the 90's, judgeing from its showing.