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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Rumor] Gran Turismo 7 coming to PS5 this year [UPDATE]: Gran Turismo game trademarked ahead of PlayStation 5 event

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What do you think

Yes 6 28.57%
Yes yes yes yes 8 38.10%
Looking forward to it 2 9.52%
I doubt it , i bet it wil... 5 23.81%
shikamaru317 said:
I kind of doubt this. Polyphony is a notoriously slow developer, they took 6 years to make GT5 and it took them 4 years to make GT Sport, which had just 168 cars on release. I find it hard to believe they managed to make GT7 in 3 years while supporting GT Sport with quite a lot of DLC (the car count has doubled since release and the track count more than doubled). Only way I can see this being true is if GT7 is a cross gen game that builds on what is already in GT Sport, rather than a built from the ground up PS5 game.

The cars in GTS (and some of the graphics tech) are forward compatible with future GTs. That was the entire point of of 'rebooting' things with GT Sport. To make future GTs faster to pump out. 

Whether that happens or not is another story, but GT7 being a launch or 2021 game isn't out of the realm of possibility. 

But like I said in a previous comment, cross-genning GTS makes a lot of sense to me, so whatever GT7 is is going to be interesting in light of GTS and PS5 playing PS4 games 

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Gt7 will release next year for sure

GT7 being a launch PS5 game would definitely give the PS5 a mega advantage over the competition, that's for sure. Heck, even it releases in the 1st year of the PS5, that would still be huge in the first year of a consoles launch. This is especially true if it ends up being a pure PS5 exclusive rather than a cross-gen game. Even if this turns out to just be a simple error, June can't come soon enough!

Did someone break the embargo? Naughty.

Hmm, pie.

Because the nature of the GT series it should really be a PS5 exclusive. Would be a powerful launch title, have idea how a bext gen race title will look

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Sounds good, bring it on. Been far too long since gaming forums have had a good ol GT v Forza comparison. This isn’t bait, don’t take it. 

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sales2099 said:

Sounds good, bring it on. Been far too long since gaming forums have had a good ol GT v Forza comparison. This isn’t bait, don’t take it. 

Pfft, whatever, give it time and Ridge Racer will rise again. 


Hmm, pie.

If it won't be cross-gen, PS4 GT fans not wanting to buy the 5 early will become saaaad pandas    

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I predict GT7 to be released in 2021.

This faster turnaround isn't that surprising to me. GTS is the equivalent of GT5: Prologue, Polyphony is going to build on it, adding more cars, tracks, modes, etc.

Hard to imagine GT7 being out in 2020.
So perhaps the question was meant to be "As of now (in 2020) what racing game are you looking forward to the most?"