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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - (Results are in! It sold 1.32!)Prediction: Xenoblade Chronicles DE will sell 1.5 million units in it's first month


Do you agree?

Yes it will sell 1.5 million in a month. 13 35.14%
No it will sell less. 20 54.05%
Yes, but it will sell more! 4 10.81%
Leynos said:
I wish but I highly doubt it. Hope I am wrong tho.

This is right where I'm at right now. I fully believe it will top 2M lifetime, maybe more, but I think 1M in the first quarter is a more reasonable goal. Even that is a long way from certain. 

I absolutely love the series and just put out a video that touches on Torna's visuals vs. XC2 at the end -

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XC Definitive Edition, a remake of the original Xenoblade for Wii, sold exactly 1.32 million by the end of June.

This not only indicates that the series is in a growth trajectory, but in a big and acelerated one.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Yeeess I hope more people play this game.

Didn't quite make it, but still pretty close. Good job.

Metallox said:
I could very probably eat my crow, but it won't. It'll sell less than a million in its first quarter.

It's time for you to eat your crow

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Didn't expect it to sell this many copies, but of course, due to Corana, all games sell more than expected ;)

Well, I was wrong, but still a good result. It almost made it


Hopefully it wasn't overshipped. Nintendo's reporting methods mean that we'll get another three updates on its sales in the next nine months, so fingers crossed that it can pass 2m by March 2021.

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